Can I fix my AC unit myself?

When it comes to AC repair, please, don’t try doing it yourself.


An HVAC system is a complex set of equipment (primarily consisting of the AC unit itself, air handler or furnace, duct system, filter and a thermostat) and parts (mainly the compressor, condenser fan, fan motor, contactor and capacitor, refrigerant, expansion valve, condenser coil and evaporator coil) which quite frankly, requires professional training and experience to properly diagnose and repair problems. Therefore, attempting to fix your air conditioner unit on your own can be a costly and even hazardous endeavor.

Here are 3 good reasons why you may not want to try fixing your AC unit yourself

Potential risk to your safety

Your air conditioning system uses high voltage electricity so without the proper training and professional experience working with such equipment, day-in and day-out, you could end up endangering your health and safety.

Not having the right tools

The proper diagnosing and repairing of air conditioning equipment requires the use of professional tools specifically designed for such use. Professional grade HVAC tools are generally not available to the public, and those that may be are expensive to purchase, making it impractical for occasional DIY repairs.

DIY may cost you more money

Without proper, professional HVAC training, tools and experience, attempting to diagnose and repair your AC unit yourself could lead to unintended consequences, such as costly damage to your heating and cooling system. Should you end up damaging your HVAC system, you will end up spending even more money to fix the damage done by a failed DIY effort.

That is why we strongly recommend that you always hire an HVAC professional who has the proper training, tools and experience to effectively diagnose and repair any issues with your heating and cooling equipment.

When your AC system has failed or is not running properly, it may be time to call a professional AC repair company. A licensed AC technicians should be able to properly diagnose and repair any HVAC system troubles you may have.

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If you’d like to learn more about why it is not a good idea to fix your own HVAC system, or you are interested in hiring a trustworthy, well-trained and experienced HVAC contractor, contact the HVAC experts at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating by calling 480-748-1781.

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