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Air Conditioning & Heating System Repair

Residential & Commercial HVAC Repair

Is your AC or heating system broken?

When the weather changes in Phoenix, a well-maintained heating and cooling system keeps your family comfortable. Eagle Air keeps your home cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Eagle Air can repair your Air Conditioner or heating system!

Nothing beats a well-functioning heating and cooling system to keep your family comfortable year-round. At Eagle Air, our goal is keeping your home cool no matter how hot it gets during the summer. And, during those rare Phoenix cold spells, we help keep your home warm, too.

Why Call Eagle Air to Repair Your AC?

Every HVAC system experiences issues eventually, from just not running right to not working at all. When that happens, the experts at Eagle Air get you back up and running. We not only keep your home feeling comfortable, but regular maintenance helps maximize the life of your HVAC system and even helps lower your utility bills.

If your system struggles to cool or warm your home, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Yearly checkups help discover issues early, while they’re still easy – and cheap – to fix.

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Emergency HVAC Repair

Restore comfort quickly! Call 480-748-1781 and an Eagle Air HVAC professional will have your system up and running again as soon as possible. We provide the highest quality repair and maintenance services to keep your system running in tip-top shape.

Eagle Air provides a variety of AC and heating repairs for customers throughout the East Valley. Call us if you experience any of the following:

  • Some rooms or areas of the home are hotter or colder than others
  • Strange noises or knocking sounds from your AC or heater
  • Temperatures inside your home don’t match what the thermostat says
  • The blower keeps running
  • The HVAC system keeps turning on and off
  • There’s a significant increase in your utility bills
  • Your system doesn’t seem to heat or cool your home as well as it used to
  • Your unit is over 10 years old

The experts at Eagle Air can repair each of these issues.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

If the system is broken, Eagle Air will fix it.

If the system can’t be fixed, Eagle Air can replace it.

If the system works, Eagle Air can maintain it.

This isn’t a gimmick, it’s our guarantee.

We sleep better knowing our customers get quality work at a fair price.