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Indoor Air Quality

UV Light Installation

Indoor air quality can be more dangerous than the air outside, particularly during summer months. With your windows closed around the clock, there’s little fresh air entering your home. That’s one of the reasons Eagle Air recommends ultraviolet (UV) lights.

To improve energy efficiency, today’s homes are built more soundly than they used to be; there aren’t many cracks and crevices for fresh air to enter through. Add in the usual toxins from daily life – cleaning supplies, pollution, the germs and bacteria we all exhale and carry into our homes – and the air inside your home becomes a breeding ground.

Your ductwork is how your HVAC system delivers that cooled or heated air. By installing UV lights in the ductwork, most of the bacteria, mold, and viruses breeding there are destroyed before they ever make it into the living areas of your home. The result? Dramatically improved indoor air quality.

The benefits of installing UV lighting in your ductwork include:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Eliminating the buildup of bacteria and other microbes on coils
  • Improved air flow and system efficiency for lower heating and cooling costs

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UV Light Installation

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