Can I install Air Conditioning in my Garage?

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you know Summers can get quite hot, often into triple digit temperatures. Not only does your home’s living spaces get hot, but your garage, especially after returning from driving your car, can really heat up. Some Phoenix area residents use their garage as a workshop, or for other activities. As such, they may be interested in cooling down their garage to a more comfortable temperature.

Thus, the short answer is yes, you can install air conditioning in your garage. However, you must be VERY CAREFUL not to violate the building code.

Never Integrate Your Home Air Conditioning System with Your Garage

First, let me say that if you decide you would like to install air conditioning in your garage, HIRE A REPUTABLE HVAC CONTRACTOR.

Second, NEVER, under any circumstances, connect your home’s existing AC duct work to your garage. Why? Number one, it is a violation of the building code. Number two, the reason it is a building code violation to connect  the air ducts from your home’s main AC system to your garage is because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The fumes that are emitted from your cars’ running engines, or other stored chemicals (paints, solvents, etc.) from your garage, could be fatal if permitted to enter your home via the same air conditioning ductwork. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and DEADLY gas to humans and animals.

Now that we’ve explained what not to do in terms of garage air conditioning installation, we can discuss the legal and best option available to you, assuming that your garage is properly insulated.

Ductless or Mini-Split Air Conditioner

A ductless or mini-split air conditioner is considered by many HVAC experts to be the best garage AC solution. Although this is the most expensive of the three options, it provides many unmatched benefits.

  • Very energy efficient
  • Has a lifespan that generally outlasts many home central air conditioning systems
  • Very quiet
  • Doesn’t take up very much wall space
  • Can cool and heat to your garage
  • More secure than window AC units because the cut out in the wall is much smaller.

If you’d like to learn more about installing an air conditioner in your garage here in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact our mini-split ductless air conditioning experts at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating by calling 480-748-1781.

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