3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Quality HVAC System

As any resident of Maricopa County knows, particularly the East Valley, the Summer season here can get quite hot. With seemingly endless days of temperatures in the 100s, it’s no wonder many homeowners experience air conditioning systems failures or breakdowns.

When it comes time to replacing your air conditioning system, an important way to lessen the likelihood of HVAC equipment failure is by purchasing quality brand name equipment with a track record of reliability. That’s because poor quality brands of AC equipment tend to break down more often. Why? Well, in order to offer such low pricing, these sub-par systems tend to utilize cheaper components and parts that simply won’t stand up to the rigors of sustained Valley of the Sun high temperatures.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the purchase of a good quality air conditioning system along with proper installation, is a worthwhile investment in your family’s comfort and well-being. In fact, a quality heating and cooling system can also last upwards of 20+ years. There are a few old adages that really hold true when it comes to the importance of buying quality HVAC equipment… “you get what you pay for” and “buy once, cry once.”

So without further adieu, here are the 3 reasons why you should install a quality air conditioning system


While it’s true that over the last few decades, the technology utilized in HVAC systems has advanced dramatically, not all HVAC brands of equipment are equal. As noted earlier, lower-end brands tend to use cheaper materials and parts, due to keeping prices below a certain level. What that means is you can expect a reduction in the useful lifespan of such HVAC equipment. On the other hand, well-established, quality brands tend to use better quality components and materials, leading to longer-lasting HVAC usage with generally fewer repairs and less maintenance over time. That of course not only saves you money, but you avoid the headaches of potentially more equipment failures or malfunctions than you might end up experiencing with a lower quality HVAC system.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Especially in the Phoenix metro area, where air conditioning systems are put under almost continuous use in many households, a higher quality cooling system is likely to be more reliable and durable because it uses better quality parts and materials. This enables you to avoid the more frequent and costly repairs generally associated with lower quality brands of equipment. So, by investing in a brand of HVAC equipment, with a reputation and track record of quality and reliability, you can really end up saving money and headaches in the long run.

Better Warranty

Most HVAC manufactures offer at least a 5 year parts warranty. However, some premium brands offer up to a 10 year parts warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about why it is a smart idea to buy a good quality HVAC system, or you are interested in hiring a trustworthy, well-trained and experienced HVAC contractor to install a new cooling system, contact the HVAC experts at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating by calling 480-748-1781.





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