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Is it time to replace your AC and heating system?

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Has your HVAC system made it to the big ten-oh? Most air conditioners are only designed to last around 10 years. That’s when the problems start – especially inefficient cooling and significantly higher power bills. Luckily, it’s easier than you think to get a brand new, energy-efficient Trane comfort home system installed today. Eagle Air offers fast service at a fair price. And yes, financing is available. A new HVAC unit lowers your energy consumption, giving you a lower power bill PLUS a more comfortable home. And, you can rest easy knowing your new Trane comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts.

Eagle Air promises expert installation, including fine-tuning your new HVAC unit to maximize its efficiency.

Our professional, home comfort experts perform a heat load calculation to ensure the unit you choose is the right size to heat and cool your home properly.

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If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it may be time to replace your unit.

  • Is your air conditioner over 10 years old?
  • Does your air conditioner make strange noises?
  • Have your utility bills gone up compared to last year?
  • Does your AC system ice over or freeze?
  • Are some rooms too cold or too warm?
  • Does water leak inside your home?
  • Is the temperature in the home different than what’s on the thermostat?
  • Does the AC unit blow warm air?
  • Has your air conditioner failed more than once in the past year?
  • Does your air conditioner use R22 freon?

Best of Class Equipment

Today, you have a lot of options for how you cool your home. At Eagle Air, we believe in using only the most innovative and efficient cooling technology available whenever possible. Although we install and service all makes and models of air conditioners, there’s something different about a Trane air conditioning system.
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