Why Does My Air Conditioner Refrigerant line Get Ice Buildup On It?

When it comes to HVAC problems, one common issue, particularly on older units, is that the AC refrigerant line can sometimes accumulate ice/frost.

What are the causes of a frozen ac refrigerant line?

Fundamentally, the primary reason behind your AC refrigerant lines getting frozen is due to the evaporator coils are getting too cold.  To better understand this concept, we’ll explain a little about how and what the evaporator coil is supposed to do when properly functioning.

The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil uses refrigerant as a means by which it can cool the air in your HVAC system. When properly functioning, the evaporator absorbs the heat from the air within your home and as a means of cooling that air. However, when that heat exchange process becomes constricted, this makes your evaporator coil less efficient at absorbing heat which results in the accumulation of ice/frost on the coils. When your AC unit is left running long enough under these conditions, ice may also accumulate on the refrigerant line (you’ll know this when you see ice buildup on the insulation surrounding the refrigerant line).

Here are a few common reasons for your refrigerant lines to be frozen:

  • There is a refrigerant leak from the evaporator coils
  • There is too much dirt and debris over the evaporator coils
  • Your AC vents may be obstructed/closed
  • Your air filters are too dirty
  • Your blower fan motor is malfunctioning
  • Your refrigerant levels are too low

What should you do when you see ice on the insulation that wraps around the refrigerant line to the air conditioner?

The first thing we suggest you do when you see ice forming on your refrigerant line is to immediately turn off your AC and change the thermostat setting to “fan” mode.

Second, check to make sure that your air filter is clean. If it is not clean, replace it immediately. Also make sure that your air vents are not obstructed.

Third, contact a qualified HVAC repair company who can properly diagnose and repair your AC unit.

Call Eagle Air Heating and Cooling

If notice that your AC refrigerant line is frozen/has ice buildup, contact the air conditioning repair and replacement experts at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating in Queen Creek, AZ by calling 480-748-1781. Our well-trained air conditioning and heating technicians can provide honest, fast and affordable diagnostic service and repair of your HVAC equipment.


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