The Justice Family

To Whom It May Concern,

Our family’s experience with Eagle Air far surpassed what our expectations had become of the AC repair industry! We have been in our home for well over a decade, and had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with a nightmare of a cooling and heating system. Multiple times, we were faced with the complete loss of the ability to cool our home in the summers, and it was extremely frustrating not knowing who to trust with such an important necessity of life here in Arizona! Fortunately for our family, we now know who to trust and turn to for ANY and ALL AC repair and service issues. Eagle Air!

Dave and Eagle Air are absolutely the only company we will now allow to service and repair any and all of our home AC needs! Honest, dedicated, thorough, helpful, sincere, and the list goes on and on when describing our family’s opinion of Dave and Eagle Air!

Originally, Dave was helping us determine if we needed a completely new AC system placed in our home, as indicated by another company, or if he could actually repair the problem, save us some money, and get us back up and running before summer. It turned out that there was a ton of damage to our AC unit that had occurred by mistakes made from other AC repair companies, and some that were even potentially dangerous to our home and family!

Dave took control of a very worrisome situation with our home AC problems, repaired all of the mistakes made by the numerous other companies that had been to our house, and made our home safe and comfortable once again. He is by far the most trustworthy person we have experienced within this field of expertise! Dave took his time to discuss with us what exactly he found, showed us actual pictures and parts that had been improperly installed, and went far out of his way to ensure that our home AC system was being repaired correctly with the right parts!

It is a great feeling knowing that there are still honest, trustworthy people in the world, especially when you are questioning the integrity and safety of work that is being performed on your home. Dave and Eagle Air are by far the best when it comes to ANY and ALL home AC and heating needs! Our family owes a huge thank you to Dave and Eagle Air for helping us fix a potentially dangerous situation and actually saving us money in doing so!! You just cannot ask for more than that!

We would absolutely recommend Dave and Eagle Air for service and repair to Any and ALL home heating and cooling needs!

Thank You Dave and Eagle Air!!!

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