Should You leave your home’s Air Conditioner on during the day while at Work?

During Phoenix, Arizona’s scorching Summer temperatures, it’s tempting to leave your AC running all day while you are away at work.  That’s because you’ll be welcomed by the cool and refreshing climate as soon as you enter your home.  But, the downside is the additional energy costs which can be particularly wasteful since there will be no one at home to enjoy the cooler temps.

What happens when you let your AC unit run continuously?

Costs You More Money

You might believe that turning your AC unit on and off throughout the day would be inefficient. However, to do so is actually more energy efficient which obviously saves you money. Why? That’s because air conditioners are designed to run at their best when they’re operating at full “blast”. Keep in mind that air conditioners consume roughly up to 5% less energy for every degree you raise the temperature on your thermostat. Many experts agree that to maximize your energy savings, set your thermostat set to 78 degrees or greater while you’re away.

Increases Humidity

As an air conditioning system brings cool air into your home it also draws out humidity. This ability to remove humidity from the air is at its best when your AC unit is turned on after a period of rest. When you air conditioner runs continuously, it actually results in a higher level of humidity. And having too much humidity reduces your home’s comfort level.

Puts Greater Wear and Tear on your System

When you run your AC unit continuously, you end up putting an increased amount of wear and tear on its parts. This can lead to more frequent and costly repairs in addition to a reduction in the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Moreover, a continuously run AC system hastens the need to replace common parts such as the air filter. Left unattended, a filthy air filter can exacerbate the increased stress put on your AC unit, leading to an increase in energy usage, more wear and tear on parts  as well as a potential break down.

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