Is Coil Cleaning Important?

As we head into fall and temperatures drop, you’ll be using your AC unit a lot less. That’s a good thing, but, it’s also important that you consider cleaning your AC unit’s coil.

Is it really necessary to perform Coil Cleaning?

Honestly, YES. Coil cleaning is an often overlooked maintenance item that really is essential to the proper and efficient operation of your cooling system. A well-maintained coil can extend your systems life.
Why? Over time, your AC system’s coils accumulates debris (dust, dirt, etc.) resulting from normal airflow to and from your system. As more and more debris are deposited onto your system’s coils, it makes them work harder, placing additional stress on your entire HVAC system. This in turn can lead to some of your system’s parts to fail and/or your energy bill to increase dramatically. Filthy coils may also reduce the quality of the air in your home. As dirt, pet hairs (if you have pets), dust and other debris accumulate, your coils can become a hotbed for mold and other contaminants. Additionally, dirty coils can also promote bacterial growth inside your home due to the increase it can cause in humidity levels within your home.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Coils?

It’s a good idea to clean your coils on a regular basis…we recommend once every year for older HVAC systems years, especially here in the Phoenix, AZ metro area where high Summer air conditioner usage is common.

Who Should Clean Your HVAC Coils?

Experts recommend that you hire a professional HVAC company to clean your AC coils. That’s because your cooling system’s coils can be easily damaged if mishandled. Thus, having an experienced HVAC technician perform this essential task will ensure that your coils are not damaged in the process.
Don’t Delay and Schedule Your Coil Cleaning Today.

If you’ve never had your AC coils cleaned or it’s been quite some time since it was last cleaned, contact the AC coil cleaning pros at Eagle Air Heating and Cooling today. You can reach us at 480-748-1781. We can have your AC coils running at their best which will help your system to operate more efficiently.

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