What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

With Spring here and Summer fast approaching, you may want to consider getting an AC tune-up.

An AC tune-up could save you a lot of money by reducing your Summer electric bill. It can also extend the useful life of your HVAC system which in turn can minimize the likelihood of a system failure during the extreme heat of the Phoenix Summer months.

We recommend a 12-point AC Tune-up Checklist that consists of the following:

Refrigerant Line Insulation Inspection

It’s important to ensure that your AC system’s refrigerant line is properly insulated to prevent condensation and water dripping which could lead to the growth of mold within your home.

Outdoor Refrigerant Line Inspection

At Eagle Air, one of first things we’ll do is inspect your system’s refrigerant lines for any signs of damage or disrepair. A damaged refrigerant line can lead to a leak and if too much refrigerant leaks out of your system, your AC unit will not be able to adequately cool your home and will work harder driving up your energy costs. It could also lead to a system failure.

Outdoor Unit Coil Inspection

Another vital component of your AC system is the outdoor coil. This, together with a compressor, enables your AC unit to pump refrigerant necessary to cool your home. Our Eagle Air HVAC techs will thoroughly check your unit’s coils to ensure they are clear of dirt and other debris. Keep in mind that significant damage to the coils can lead to system leakage which usually cannot be repaired.

Filter Inspection

Your HVAC system filters keep your system free flowing and cleaner making it vital to its efficiency and your family’s well-being. We’ll make sure you’re using the correct filter and reiterate the benefit of changing it on a regular basis. In fact, dirty air filters are one of the most common reasons why a blow motors can overheat and fail. We recommend that you change your AC filter at least once per month during the Summer months.

Indoor Blower Motor Inspection

Our AC technicians will check and clean the blower fan to make sure it will run efficiently. Keep in mind that your system fan circulates the air within your home.

Overflow Safety Switch Inspection

Your HVAC system will have an overflow safety switch in the indoor unit and it’s designed to shut down your system when the condensation line is clogged or if water isn’t draining properly. A damaged or defective safety switch left uncorrected may lead to a potential water leak that can result in costly damage to your ceilings, walls and floors.

Motor Capacitors Inspection/Testing

The motor capacitors that are part of your HVAC system should be inspected regularly to ensure that your system continues to operate properly. If not, your entire HVAC system could be compromised.

Air Handler/Furnace Leak Inspection.

Another important system check is to ensure that your air handler or furnace (depending on the type of system that you have) is properly sealed. Excessive air handler leakage will reduce your system’s efficiency and prevent its proper and efficient operation.

Disconnect Box Inspection

The disconnect box is a safety mechanism which enables the interruption of electricity to the unit. Our technicians check the inside of the disconnect box to confirm that there are no issues such as burnt wires resulting from a bad contact and will properly seal the disconnect box with clear silicone.

Thermostat Inspection

A properly working thermostat is yet another important part of your HVAC system. As such, our techs will check its calibration to ensure that it’s working as it should.

AC Pad Inspection

Our technicians will also confirm that the concrete slab upon which your AC rests is free of damage and level.

Refrigerant Levels Check

Having the proper refrigerant levels is essential to the proper operation of you HVAC system because refrigerant is what makes the cooling process possible within your system.

When is the best time to Schedule your AC Tune-up?

The best time to schedule your AC Tune-up is during the Spring season. Call our HVAC professionals at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating in Queen Creek, AZ and Phoenix Valley to schedule an appointment for an AC tune-up by calling 480-748-1781.

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