3 Reasons to Install an Energy Efficient Heating System

There are many things to consider when it is time to think about installing a new heating system here in Phoenix, Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.

One significant consideration is energy efficiency. During the winter season, even here in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a good idea to get the most energy efficient system you can afford. That’s because in the long run, one of your home’s largest source of energy consumption is the heating system.

So, without further adieu, here are our top 3 reasons to install an energy efficient heating system:

Rebates for Energy Efficiency

Did you know that Uncle Sam offers some generous rebates when you purchase and install an energy efficient heating system?  The federal government offers these rebates as a tax credit that can be applied when you file your income tax returns. Even though it seems harder and harder to find these federal rebates, it may behoove you to research them before you buy your new heating system.  You may also want to find out if there are any state or local rebate programs for Valley residents who purchase and install energy efficient heating systems.

Reduced Heating Costs

Obviously, homeowners can typically maximize their savings on heating bills by consuming less energy.  In order to do that, you’ll need to have a more energy efficient heating system. More energy efficient heating systems naturally use less energy (gas or electric) because they use fuel more efficiently and can run less frequently, thus saving you money on your monthly winter heating bills.

Better for the Environment

Who would not want to reduce their carbon footprint leaving a greener future for our children and grandchildren?

A more energy efficient heating system will help you to lessen your carbon footprint because it can consume less fuel. When your heating system consumes less fuel, it results in a reduction of carbon dioxide that is released into our atmosphere, hence leaving a smaller carbon footprint. What’s not to like about that?

Are you Ready to upgrade to an energy efficient heating system? When it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during the winter months, no one does it better than our team at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating in Quick Creek, AZ. So, when you are ready to upgrade your heating system, contact our heating and cooling system experts in Queen Creek, AZ and the Phoenix Valley at Eagle Air Cooling & Heating by calling 480-748-1781.

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